We are recruiting PhD students for the Imperial College Chemistry PhD programme, in all areas of the group’s research activities, to start in October 2020. There will also be PDRA positions in the group from January 2020 onward. Please get in touch directly at y.elani@imperial.ac.uk if interested.

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September 2019 - Big funding news announced: Yuval secured a ca. £2.5M UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship which will fund the group’s activities in protocell research for the next 7 years.


September 2019 - MRes student Adi Vivek won the best talk prize at the MRes symposium. Well done Adi!


August 2019 - Our paper on building synthetic mechanosensitive signaling pathways artificial cells is out now in PNAS.

July 2019 - MSci student James Albon spoke at the Imperial Chemistry symposium

July 2019 - We welcome a new UROP student from life sciences, Ieva Salkauskaite to the group!

June 2019 - Yuval was awarded the Imperial College President’s Medal for Outstanding Early Career Researcher

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May 2019 - Our paper on New Directions for Artificial Cells Using Prototyped Biosystems is not out in Analytical Chemistry


April 2019 - Yuval spoke at the launch of the Molecular Science Research Hub, opened by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.


January 2019 - Pleased to announced the award of an Imperial College seed fund grant with Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro from Imperial Bioengineering on long-term storage of synthetic cells for endpoint delivery. Exciting times ahead!


January 2019 - Our paper on using optical tweezers to manipulate lipid membranes is out now in Nature Communications Chemistry

For press article click here.


December 2019 - Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology Launch Event. Yuval spoke at this event together with colleagues from Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Life Sciences. An exciting time to be a Synthetic Biologist at Imperial!

November 2019 - Welcome Frank! Zehua Hu (aka Frank) joins the group as an MRes in Chemical Biology working on artificial cells multi-stage content release

October 2018 - The group is expanding! We welcome new PhD students : Nacho Gispert, Greta Zubaite, Qien Li. New MRes: Adi Vivek. New MSci: James Albon. Visiting Student: Ru Hui Tay. Group picture coming soon.


September 2018- MRes student Nacho Gispert presented a poster on engineered communication between cells and synthetic cells, and Yuval gave a talk on the group’s latest research at BioMedEng18.


August 2018 - Our paper on using engineered bacteria as organelle-like biosensing modules in artificial cells has been published in Royal Society Interface Focus.

August 2018 - Our new review paper on droplet microfluidics for the construction of compartmentalised model membranes out in Lab on a Chip!

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August 2018 - The group is getting ready to move to the brand new Molecular Science Research Hub in White City. Goodbye South Ken!

July 2018 - Goodbye to Qien and Joyce, two fantastic students who finished their time in the group as undergraduate project students. Qien will be staying on to do a PhD.


June 2018 - Yuval was appointed to the EPSRC Early Career Forum for Engineering 

June 2018 - Yuval gave an invited talk at the Synthetic Biology Section of Experimental Biology conference in San Diego. Cheeky midday Tequila with the host. 



May 2018 - New paper published in Chemical Science. on membrane domains and content release. Well done to Kez, James et al. 


May 2018 - New paper published in Nature Communications on using Optical Tweezers to sculpt tissue-like sysnthetic cell networks. Nice write up can be found here. 

March 2018- New  paper published in Scientific Reports on forming living/synthetic hybrid cells. Nice write-up on IFL science!


March 2018- New paper published in Nature Communications. on making light-responsive nested vesicles for catalysis. See press release and accompanying behind the paper  blog. Mega Well done to first author James Hindley 

February 2018- Yuval gave the RSC Rita and John Cornforth Award Lecture at Lincoln University


October 2017 - New paper in Chemical Communications on a synthetic biology approach for controlled liposome release kinetics. Huge congrats to MSci project student Julia Thomas for this achievement

September 2017-The group co-organised the fabriCELL launch event, featuring Jack Szostak (Nobel Prize 2009), Lee Cronin, and Patricia Bassereau


August 2017 - Yuval is appointed Associate Editor for the Synthetic Biology Section of Experimental Biology and Medicine

August 2017 - Yuval went to the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of New Champions in Dalian, China. He led two sessions on Synthetic Biology and Bioethics.


June 2017- New paper published in ACS nano.  

June 2017  - Yuval gave a Seminar at the Crick Institute  

June 2017 - New paper in Experimental Biology and Medicine on artificial cells used as models to probe fundumental biology. 

May 2017 - Yuval won the Royal Society of Chemistry Rita and John Cornforth Medal together with other PIs in the Membrane Biophysics Platform. The award recognizes scientists working in collaborative research teams in both Chemistry and Life Science disciplines. June 2017


April 2017 - New paper in Microsystems and Nanoengineering on hydrophilic PDMS production methods  


January 2017 - Yuval was selected to be part of the World Economic Forum's Young Scientist Community